Wednesday, 24 June 2015

6 food that reduce weight naturally

6 food that are great source of omega-3 that helps in reducing weight naturally

losing weight naturally

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these are the foods that are help in reducing fat and thats why these are called as fat burning food. they also helps in diabetes treatment.

(1)salmon fish

Fatty fish like salmon are a good source of omega-3. this fish contain good amount of protein and omega-3. that helps in reducing fat naturally. It helps in reduce weight naturally.
Salmon fish is a good item in dieting food because it is a fat burning food.

(2)Grass-Fed Beef
"Do you know that Grass itself is actually a good source of omega-3's". So when cows or even bison eat a grass-based diet, the resulting meat ends up being a good source of the fatty acids. so Grass-Fed Beef may be the good option for getting omega-3. it is a fat burning food.

It’s not just a delicious pre-sushi appetizer: The soybeans are also an amazing source of omega-3's. "It's the perfect healthy snack because it's filled with fiber and protein".  Soyabeans are good source of omega-3. it is a fat burning food.

(4)Flaxseed Oil
Note that this is oil from flaxseeds, not to be confused with regular flaxseeds. "Regular flaxseeds are a great source of fiber, but to get enough omega-3's, you have to go for the flaxseed oil". Flaxseed Oil are good source of omega-3. Since it’s more condensed, you simply get more omega-3's." it is a fat burning food.

(5)Enriched Eggs
Eggs are good source of omega-3. When farmers feed their hens flaxseeds, fish oil, or even algae, hens lay eggs with more omega-3 fatty acids in them. Look for a carton that says it's enriched with the health-promoting fatty acids the next time you're at the store. it is a fat burning food.

Of all the nuts out there, walnuts are the omega-3 champs. "They have the most significant amount". walnuts are some costly but it is a good source of omega-3. it is a fat burning food.