Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Top 5 tips to look younger (Man)

Top 5 tips to look younger (Man)
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1. Keep those pearly whites teeth

You can use over the counter tooth whiteners which have become very popular, or have your dentist help you out with professional grade options. Either way, everyone likes a brilliant smile.

2. moisturiser your face

Dry skin looks dull and lackluster. So not only do you want to use a moisturiser on your face  but also on your hands and body. And since your hands especially get a lot of abuse, and can show age almost more than your face, keep some hand cream handy at your desk or by the sink. That can help you to look younger.

3. Use sunscreen

The sun is the single most damaging thing to your skin, so make sure to protect yourself. use sunscreen top protect your skin.

4. Says no to facial hair

Some folks like their beards and goatees and that okay, but if you want to look younger, shave it off since facial hair ages you.

5. Control over dark circles under your eyes

It is also proven that you can combat dark circles by getting a good night’s sleep and eating well. Or you can try some under-eye concealer.

Top 5 tips to look younger (Woman)